Hey There!  I'm Sarah...a little about me: 

My Likes:

I like hugs, campfires, hugs around campfires, coconut everything, and anything that gets me adventuring in the mountains or in the sea.  Side note: If I don't smell like campfire I've been told I smell like coconut. Yeah baby!  I’ve also been told I'm sweet, but those that know me well just roll their eyes. 

I like cussing. 

Two things I'll always have close by: good music and gum.  Obsessed. 

I’m inspired in the outdoors - hiking, camping, picnicking .  You name it.  And I'll be doing it with good music and a mouth full of gum. All while cussing. 

I think kids are the funniest.

I prefer to be barefoot.  

I want to live in a treehouse or a boat.  But I’ll settle for a cabin.  .

My Eats:

I could eat peanut butter OR avocado with everything.  Never together.  I hate donuts, but I recently had my first maple bacon donut and cried it was so good.  Still hate donuts, but that ONE was a unicorn and I'll remember her forever.  Ice cream.  And tacos.  Don’t get me started about tacos.  

My Feels:

I love love.  I love touching skin.  I'm moved by the energy that happens when people get together.  I'm very aware, always, that time is slipping by. That's why photographs are so dear to me. To hang on a little longer. 

I’m very passionate and sappy, but also have a messed up sense of humor and am often told how wrong I am .  Kinda like if someone takes a fall - I'll feel bad, but I'll also be laughing really hard.  Secretly, this makes my day a little brighter.

I'm usually smiling like an idiot, but whatever.  I've gotten this far and I'm pretty damn happy about it! 

My Beeswax:

Photography has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, my dad had a darkroom in our garage and we'd be in there for hours.  Red light, black coffee, singing our guts out to Cream.  Those are some of my favorite memories.  

I spent the second chunk of my life in front of the camera.  This wasn't my favorite, but I did fall head over heels with telling stories this way.  Learning composition, discovering the wonder of natural light, and how the most subtle things create a mood. I was also bit by that travel bug at this point.  Love you, bug!

Third chunk - I went to school for photography.  Pablo Picasso inspired me, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."  Yes Pablo, yes!  And that all led me to right here.

>>> Mostly though, I think love is the grandest thing.  Or force.  What we all are driven by.  I love to document it.  Every little bit.  Freeze it and save it and look at it later to feel my heart swell.   Yes, I’m ridiculous and silly, but I do take my job seriously (mostly).  I’m deeply honored when asked to photograph a wedding or portrait.  I understand how laborious it is to find a photographer you connect with to capture your most special moments.  I truly believe that no one and no love is ordinary. The fact that two people have found each other on this massive planet and possess all those wonderful little things that make them fit together so perfectly is incredible to me. That’s pure magic!  I want to photograph those exact things.  And when I get to, I’m the luckiest!

So there it is.  That was long.  You must be tired.  Let me get you some water.  Do you take your water with grains and hops, like me?   

Now please, I want to hear about you!!  Let’s connect! 

 "I've changed my mind about heaven..." "What would it be?" she whispered.  "This. A blanket. A bed. You." - Tyler Knott   

"I've changed my mind about heaven..." "What would it be?" she whispered.  "This. A blanket. A bed. You." - Tyler Knott